Scritto il 8 November 2021
Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)

Starting from November 15th, exclusive use will be mandatory of the codes 0210 (Tax Code) and 0211 (VAT number) that replace the previous Italian temporary codes 9907 (CF) and 9906 (VAT number) for registered electronic addresses (endpoint) and for the identification of business parts (EAS codelist).

Service Providers will therefore need to register active participant IDs still attested with the schemes 9906 and 9907 with the new schemes 0211 and 0210, communicating to its customers the update in order to inform promptly ordering points of the registration change for the adaptation of their IT systems.

In order to avoid the blocking of the transmission of NSO orders due to any personal data of the ordering points not yet updated, the coexistence of both codes will be tolerated only until 31/01/2022, date beyond which the deregistration of the old must be carried out participant ID Peppol (9906 and 9907) on the SMP / SML.