PEPPOL allows fast, efficient, and borderless commercial exchanges.

PEPPOL document specifications encompass global business processes by standardizing the way information is structured and exchanged.

In addition to the standard formats and to a secure network, PEPPOL provides the governance to make it work, through binding agreements that guarantee the compliance of the parties involved.

PEPPOL is not a platform. PEPPOL is an enabler. Any organization can operate on the PEPPOL open network through a PEPPOL certified service provider.

No more closed systems. By connecting to PEPPOL you can have business relationships with any PEPPOL-enabled organization anywhere in the world.

PEPPOL’s approach reduces costs, fosters growth, drives innovation and healthy competition.

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) was born in 2008 as a pilot project funded by the European Commission to identify a set of infrastructural elements and technical specifications capable of enabling and facilitating e-procurement processes.