Qualification AP/SMP

To join as an AP / SMP Provider:

  1. send an email to peppol@agid.gov.it showing the intention to become AP / SMP Provider
  2. follow the procedure of mandatory registration to the OpenPEPPOL association;
  3. download the Access Point agreement and / or the SMP provider agreement together with the 6 attachments available at the bottom of this page;
  4. fill in the information contained in Annex 1, in Annex 5, in the AP Agreement and in the SMP Agreement;
  5. digitally sign the documentation and send it via PEC to the address protocollo@pec.agid.gov.it together with the certificate of registration in the Business Register;
  6. AGID then requests the competent authority to issue the digital certificates that the Service Provider will use for the tests;
  7. at the end of the tests and interoperability checks AGID sends the digitally signed agreement (or agreements) to the Service Provider;
  8. AGID requests the issuing of certificates from production with which the Service Provider is authorized to operate as AP / SMP.

Attached documents: