Qualification AP/SMP

In order to join as an AP/SMP Provider:

  1. Follow the mandatory registration procedure for the OpenPEPPOL association, specifying the role you want to take on: Access Point (AP) and/or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP);
  2. Download the Access Point agreement and/or the SMP Provider agreement and the related 6 attachments available in the Attached documents section at the bottom of this page;
  3. Compile and digitally sign the following documents:
  4. Send the documents via PEC (Italian Certified Electronic Mail) to the address protocol@pec.agid.gov.it, inserting the following subject:

    [PEPPOL] request for company name to sign the PEPPOL agreement

  5. The Peppol Authority will reply to the contact specified in Annex 1 in paragraph 4.5, communicating the outcome of the verification of the documentation;
  6. The Service Provider can then fill in the form to request the release of the digital certificates for the tests;
  7. The Peppol Authority will authorize the release of the aforementioned test certificates;
  8. The Service Provider will have to perform interoperability tests and verifications according to the following sequential PHASES:
  9. The Peppol Authority will communicate to the Service Provider the passing of interoperability tests and checks, authorizing it to request digital certificates for the production environment;
  10. The Peppol Authority will transmit the digitally countersigned agreement (or agreements) to the Service Provider.

For technical questions related to interoperability tests and checks, please feel free to contactd the Peppol Assistance team, by writing to the email address assistenzaPEPPOL@agid.gov.it.

Attached documents