6 November 2019
Meeting Service Provider PEPPOL

Last November 5, 2019, AgID as PEPPOL Authority for Italy, has convened a meeting of the PEPPOL service provider with the intent to inform and involve the Community to the national implementation situation and the upcoming trials to be defined.

During the meeting, in addition to collecting comments on the new Framework Agreement, the essential issues concerning the Italian PEPPOL Community were discussed including the main developments of the e-delivery network and the operational procedures in the context of the post-award, with particular reference to the BIS Invoice profiles Electronics and Order.

The event was held at the AgID headquarters and participated qualified service providers or in inter-qualification as well as project partners.

The documents relating to the meeting is made available in this note.

Attached documents:

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14 October 2019
Migration to the PEPPOL AS4 profile - AS4 AP acceptance test

Following the official communication of OpenPEPPOL related to migration on PEPPOL AS4, has been started a verification of the adaptation activities of the APs based on AS2.

The roadmap for APs that have not yet performed the AS4 test with the central PEPPOL testbed is as follows:

  • Until January 31st 2020 the AS2 profile will be mandatory and the AS4 will be optional
  • from 1 February 2020, PEPPOL Service Providers are obliged to support the AS4 profile, while AS2 will be optional.

The link above collects all information related to AS4, in particular:

Therefore the APs are invited to perform the acceptance test for AS4 AP, with consequent sending of the report to OpenPEPPOL - as per guidelines -, by 1 February 2020.

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