29 December 2020
Update of Peppol IT specifications to conform to NSO Technical Rules 4.7 issued by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

The General Accounting Office of the State has published an update to the NSO Technical Rules, releasing version 4.7.

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16 November 2020
PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 fall release corrigendum

On November 12, 2020, the OpenPeppol consortium published a corrigendum to the autumn release (Post Award BIS Fall Release).

The Corrigendum was implemented by AGID as Peppol Authority with reference to the technical specifications used in the Italian domain and is available here, to supplement what was already published on November 6, 2020.

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6 November 2020
Fall Release 2020 PEPPOL Post-Award BIS

The OpenPEPPOL consortium has published the Post Award BIS Fall Release of the technical documentation covering all PEPPOL profiles.

This release has been acknowledged by AGID as PEPPOL Authority with reference to the technical specifications used in the Italian domain and, starting from today November 6, 2020, they are available for consultation at: https://peppol-docs.agid.gov.it/.

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20 July 2020
Unavailability dates for the PEPPOL technical support 2020

Following are the dates for 2020 Q3 and Q4 in which the technical support for users of the PEPPOL network will not be available.

  • August 14, Friday
  • December 7, Monday
  • December 24, Thursday
  • December 31, Thursday
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8 May 2020
Update of the PEPPOL BIS 3.0 Post Award

OpenPEPPOL has notified the release of new PEPPOL BIS 3.0 updates to the Post-Award Community (PoAC). We kindly ask you to review it by consulting the Release notes for version 3.0.4.

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20 April 2020
Publication of the consultation results on PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0 (DDT)

The Italian PEPPOL Authority launched a consultation process on the PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0 (DDT), from 16 to 27 March 2020, in order to establish the national PEPPOL standard for the Despatch Advice.

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16 March 2020
Consultation on PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0

AgID, as Italian PEPPOL Authority, is supporting the migration of post-award PEPPOL profiles adopted nation-wide, as established by the OpenPEPPOL migration plan.

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6 November 2019
Meeting Service Provider PEPPOL

Last November 5, 2019, AgID as PEPPOL Authority for Italy, has convened a meeting of the PEPPOL service providers

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14 October 2019
Migration to the PEPPOL AS4 profile - AS4 AP acceptance test

Following the official communication of OpenPEPPOL related to migration on PEPPOL AS4, has been started a verification of the adaptation activities of the APs based on AS2.

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