Single SMP for the Public Administration

The Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) is an infrastructural component of the PEPPOL network that enables the reception of different business documents by end users.

With the creation of the “Single SMP of the Public Administration”, AgID aims at facilitating the adoption of the PEPPOL transport infrastructure and documents by the public administration, providing a free service that allows the registration, by the Access Points service providers, of the unique identifiers of the Public Administrations on the PEPPOL network and of the business documents that the PAs are able to receive.

The “Single SMP of the PA” is integrated with the Public Administration Index (iPA). For AgID, it is a tool for coordinating and monitoring the PAs on the PEPPOL network, simplifying onboarding to the services of Access Point providers.

For those Access Point Service Providers who want to use the Single SMP service of the PA, it is sufficient to digitally sign the application form (in Italian) and send it to The Peppol Authority team will enable the accounts listed therein, who will be able to access the portal and perform the registration, modification, deletion of their users, following the simple instructions available in the user manual (in Italian).

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