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AgID covers the role of PEPPOL Authority in Italy performing the functions of qualification, management, monitoring and information support for users of the PEPPOL infrastructure.

The PEPPOL transport infrastructure refers to a governance model that provides a set of entities and documents that regulate the activities of all the parties involved and the relationships between them.

The government is guaranteed by 2 levels of Authority:

  • A Central Coordination Authority, represented by OpenPEPPOL, which is responsible for the governance of the central components of the infrastructure (Service Metadata Locator and Public Key Infrastructure) and of the system specifications, having the possibility to manage the areas of use (through the identification schemes) and having the tool to govern them. OpenPEPPOL guarantees the consistency and technical, semantic and organizational interoperability of the infrastructure, as required by the Digital Agenda for Europe (COM (2010) 245);

  • a peripheral level (which has jurisdiction over the national domain of the PEPPOL infrastructure), represented by the PEPPOL Authority, which is responsible for the governance of the effective implementation and use of Access Points and Service Metadata Publisher in the domain of competence.

The relationships between the various parties involved in various capacities (therefore also those between Service Providers and Authorities) are governed by a set of Agreements, whose contents are managed by OpenPEPPOL.

Further information on the governance of PEPPOL can be found at this link.

AGID plays the role of PEPPOL Authority in Italy and performs the following functions:

  • qualifies the subjects who intend to become Access Point providers, providing support in the AP testing and validation phases

  • manages the PEPPOL centralized Italian Service Metadata Publisher, containing the list of all Public Administrations enabled to receive PEPPOL messages

  • monitors compliance with the legal aspects and PEPPOL policies envisaged for access point providers

  • provides information support to users of the PEPPOL infrastructure

AGID also indicates the national extensions of the PEPPOL BIS specifications for the exchange of messages in accordance with Italian legislation.