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PEPPOL allows companies and public administrations to send and receive business documents in standard format over an open, global, and secure network.

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL allows fast, efficient, and borderless commercial exchanges. PEPPOL document specifications encompass global business processes by standardizing the way information is structured and exchanged. In addition to the standard formats and to a secure network, PEPPOL provides the governance to make it work, through binding agreements that guarantee the compliance of the parties involved.

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The single Peppol Access Point for the PA

The single Peppol Access Point for the PA was created by the National Peppol Authority to support the transmission of electronic orders in the first instance on the Peppol network. It is a service, qualified in the Peppol network and integrated with NSO - Nodo Smistamento Ordini, which has the task of transmitting to economic operators certified on the Peppol network an electronic order sent by an Italian Public Administration via traditional channels (PEC, FTP and WS9) to NSO, and deliver to the NSO itself the result of the transmission to Peppol of the document received from the Access Point of the recipient economic operator (Corner 3).

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21 April 2023
Checking the presence on the SMPs of Participant IDs registered with the codes 9906 and 9907

As previously communicated ( news 31 January 2022: Expiration of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number) ) the Peppol Participant IDs 9906 and 9907 have been deprecated and replaced by codes 0211 and 0210 respectively. It was also requested to proceed with the registration of the active Participant IDs still certified with the 9906 and 9907 schemes with the new 0211 and 0210 schemes and with the subsequent deregistration of the old Participant IDs on the SML/SMP.

As known in version 8.4 of the Peppol Code list, the codes 9906 and 9907 have been removed and therefore we ask you to verify that on your SMP all the registered Participant IDs with the old codes 9906 and 9907 have been eliminated and that the active Participant IDs are register exclusively with the new codes 0211 and 0210. In case of need for updating, we remind you that this is urgent and that it is necessary to inform customers.

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19 April 2023
Single AP of the PA - technical maintenance notice 28/04/2023 at 13:00-15:30

We inform you that AP Unico of the PA will be subject to a technical maintenance intervention from about 13 to 15:30 on Friday 28 April 2023 During this period it will not be possible to send and receive documents and, in general, the entire Single PA system of the PA will not be available.

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7 February 2023
Implementation of Peppol November Release 2022

We inform you that on 06 February 2023 the updates relating to the November Release 2022 of OpenPeppol became effective, which was highlighted through the communication published on 19 December 2022. The technical specifications currently in force are available at the addresses:

The innovations introduced with the November Release 2022 are described in the Release Notes relating to the single process, available at the addresses:

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10 January 2023
Reporting activity towards OpenPeppol

It is recalled that, on the basis of paragraph 9.4.8 of the Agreement signed between the Peppol Service Providers and the national Peppol Authority, the Service Providers are obliged to make available to the Peppol Coordinating Authority of OpenPeppol, on a monthly basis, a set of data statistics that allow you to monitor the operations performed on the Peppol network, identify and manage risks and problems within the network itself.

Based on the information available to date, the reporting activities of the SPs towards OpenPeppol will presumably be launched during the third quarter of 2023 and will concern the periodic collection of data relating to the volumes of incoming and outgoing transactions of the Access Point of the SP. The relative specifications in the original language are currently available in the test environment at the link.

AgID will provide further information on this as soon as they are available.

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19 December 2022
Peppol November Release 2022

We inform you that the updates relating to the November Release 2022 of OpenPeppol have been published. These updates contain several changes, whose complete release notes are available at the following addresses:

The original content released by OpenPeppol is available here.

These updates will be mandatory from 06 February 2023, nevertheless it is advisable to implement these changes in time and to download the schematron for the validation of the updated documents.

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2 December 2022
Publication of the new release of the Peppol BIS3 Invoicing Specification

On 25/11/2022 the new release of the Peppol BIS3 Invoicing Specification was released which implements version 2.2 of the Technical Rules of the Italian Revenue Agency relating to the management of European invoices published on 16/11/2022, in relation to the Provision 99370 published on 04/18/2019. Some changes present in this latest version of the Technical Rules of the Italian Revenue Agency were already contained in the Peppol BIS3 Invoicing Specification published on 04/21/2022.

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30 May 2022
Update of the Peppol SP accreditation process and release of the Onboarding Platform for the automation of the test phase

We inform you that the Peppol Authority has updated the qualification process for Service Providers who intend to qualify as Peppol Access Point (AP), here the link to the detail page.

The new process provides that the test and interoperability verification phases required for the accreditation process of Peppol Access Points are carried out independently by the Service Provider through the use of the new Onboarding Platform, made available on 30/05/2022.

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25 May 2022
Peppol May Release 2022

We inform you that the updates relating to the May Release 2022 of OpenPeppol are published, containing a series of changes whose complete release notes are available at the addresses:

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26 April 2022
Italian Peppol BIS 3 Billing specifications

The Italian Peppol BIS 3 specifications for electronic invoicing are published in compliance with version 2.1 of the Technical Rules relating to the management of invoices pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree 148/2018 of the Revenue Agency in force from 1 April 2022.

The new version of the Technical Rules is the result of the collaboration between the Revenue Agency and AgID with the contribution of UNINFO experts and aims to make the use of the European invoice fully consistent with the needs of the Italian context. The Peppol BIS 3 specifications for Italy allow the native use of the international standard OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) for the invoicing process in the cross-border and domestic context, in compliance with national obligations regarding the transmission of invoices to the Exchange System (SDI) of the Revenue Agency.

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21 January 2022
January 31, 2022:Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)

This is to remind you that, in compliance with what was announced in the communication “Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)”, published on 8 November 2021 through the News service made available to the Peppol Authority available at the following link, on 31/01/2022 the coexistence between the old Peppol Participant IDs (9906 - 9907) and the new codes that replaced them (0211 and 0210 respectively) will end.

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17 January 2022
Scheduled maintenance for the year 2022

We inform you that, in the course of 2022, the Access Point and the Single SMP of the PA will be subject to scheduled maintenance. During these interventions, possible unavailability of the system could occur.

Specifically, maintenance interventions are scheduled always from 13.00 to 14.00, they will take place on the following dates:

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23 December 2021
PEPPOL technical assistance during the 2021 Christmas holidays

Users of the PEPPOL network are informed that, as part of the 2021 Christmas holidays, on 24 December and 31 December the technical assistance service will only be operational until 13.00.

Furthermore, the service will not be available for the whole day of 7 January 2022.

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8 November 2021
Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)

Starting from November 15th, exclusive use will be mandatory of the codes 0210 (Tax Code) and 0211 (VAT number) that replace the previous Italian temporary codes 9907 (CF) and 9906 (VAT number) for registered electronic addresses (endpoint) and for the identification of business parts (EAS codelist).

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5 May 2021
Notice of scheduled maintenance

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, the central Peppol Access Point of the Public Administration and the SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) of the Italian Peppol Authority will migrate to a new system infrastructure.

To allow for the technological update, a service interruption is expected from 7am on May 15 to 2pm on the same day, during which time window the entire AP-AGID system will not be available for transmission or receipt of documents.

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4 May 2021
Support for Peppol Order Agreement

The Peppol Authority supports the use of the Italian specification of the Peppol Order Agreement.

The Peppol BIS 3 Order Agreement profile has been defined in accordance with the Peppol specifications and the NSO Technical Rules (RGS-MEF) valid for the Italian context.

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29 December 2020
Update of Peppol IT specifications to conform to NSO Technical Rules 4.7 issued by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

The General Accounting Office of the State has published an update to the NSO Technical Rules, releasing version 4.7.

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16 November 2020
PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 fall release corrigendum

On November 12, 2020, the OpenPeppol consortium published a corrigendum to the autumn release (Post Award BIS Fall Release).

The Corrigendum was implemented by AGID as Peppol Authority with reference to the technical specifications used in the Italian domain and is available here, to supplement what was already published on November 6, 2020.

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6 November 2020
Fall Release 2020 PEPPOL Post-Award BIS

The OpenPEPPOL consortium has published the Post Award BIS Fall Release of the technical documentation covering all PEPPOL profiles.

This release has been acknowledged by AGID as PEPPOL Authority with reference to the technical specifications used in the Italian domain and, starting from today November 6, 2020, they are available for consultation at:

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20 July 2020
Unavailability dates for the PEPPOL technical support 2020

Following are the dates for 2020 Q3 and Q4 in which the technical support for users of the PEPPOL network will not be available.

  • August 14, Friday
  • December 7, Monday
  • December 24, Thursday
  • December 31, Thursday
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8 May 2020
Update of the PEPPOL BIS 3.0 Post Award

OpenPEPPOL has notified the release of new PEPPOL BIS 3.0 updates to the Post-Award Community (PoAC). We kindly ask you to review it by consulting the Release notes for version 3.0.4.

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20 April 2020
Publication of the consultation results on PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0 (DDT)

The Italian PEPPOL Authority launched a consultation process on the PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0 (DDT), from 16 to 27 March 2020, in order to establish the national PEPPOL standard for the Despatch Advice.

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16 March 2020
Consultation on PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0

AgID, as Italian PEPPOL Authority, is supporting the migration of post-award PEPPOL profiles adopted nation-wide, as established by the OpenPEPPOL migration plan.

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6 November 2019
Meeting Service Provider PEPPOL

Last November 5, 2019, AgID as PEPPOL Authority for Italy, has convened a meeting of the PEPPOL service providers

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14 October 2019
Migration to the PEPPOL AS4 profile - AS4 AP acceptance test

Following the official communication of OpenPEPPOL related to migration on PEPPOL AS4, has been started a verification of the adaptation activities of the APs based on AS2.

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