Scritto il 31 January 2024
Entry into force of the Italian rules for completing DDTs and the Peppol November Release 2023

We inform you that from 02/26/2024, at the same time as the entry into force of the Peppol November Release 2023, the activation of blocking controls on DDTs is expected (change of severity from “WARNING” to “FATAL”) that do not comply with the Business rules for the Peppol Transport Document.

Consequently, any documents that do not comply with the Rules will be discarded by the schematron (validation XLST v.3.1.0).

Please note that the Business Rules for the DDT can be consulted in the next release environment and that AgID has made available the Peppol document validator tool which allows the sender of the DDT the possibility of independently verifying the conformity of an xml document to the current schematron, including those of the DDT.