Scritto il 12 September 2023
Specific publication Reporting and start of reporting period

Please note the publication on the website OpenPeppol eDEC Specifications of the Reporting Specifications required by OpenPeppol to Service Providers pursuant to paragraph 9.4.8 of the Agreement signed between the Service Providers Peppol and the Peppol Authority italian.

The reporting activities will concern the sending to the Operating Office of OpenPeppol of statistical data, related to the exchange of documents on the AP they manage (Transaction Statistics Reporting v.1.0.0) and the End User Reporting (End User Statistics v.1.0.1).

Specifications will become mandatory as of January 1, 2024. This means that the first statistical data collection period will cover the month of January 2024, resulting in the sending of the first reports in early February 2024.