Scritto il 29 December 2020
Update of Peppol IT specifications to conform to NSO Technical Rules 4.7 issued by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

The General Accounting Office of the State has published an update to the NSO Technical Rules, releasing version 4.7.

The update was also received by the technical specifications published by the Italian Peppol Authority at the link

The main changes are summarized in the “Release Notes” section of the Simple Ordering and Complete Ordering, including:

  • Integrated a table summarising the structured fields (paragraph 4.3)
  • Created a new paragraph, “4.4 Document Type”, which describes the sub-type and the variants of the “Order” and “Response” Documents
  • Added further information on the type of Order (Paragraph 4.5)
  • Added instructions for the following Order variants: “Ordine di regolazione” (Settlement Order), “Ordine a budget” (Budget Order), “Ordine in conto noleggio” (Charter Order) (paragraph 4.5)
  • Added further information regarding the use of attachments (Paragraph 6.2)
  • Added further information for the ordering in the healthcare domain (Paragraph 6.4.1)
  • Added further examples regarding the reference to another order (Paragraph 6.12)
  • Added further information on delivery and on the labels to be affixed to the packaging (Section 6.16)
  • Added further information on the calibration date for Nuclear Medicine products (Section 6.17)
  • Integrated indications on accounting classifications (Paragraph 6.19)
  • Added instructions for the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 (Paragraph 6.19.1)
  • Added instructions for reversal to the following year (Paragraph 6.20)

It should be noted that, at the same link, a new package of sample XML orders is available for download.