Scritto il 21 January 2022
January 31, 2022:Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)

This is to remind you that, in compliance with what was announced in the communication “Expiration validity of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number)”, published on 8 November 2021 through the News service made available to the Peppol Authority available at the following link, on 31/01/2022 the coexistence between the old Peppol Participant IDs (9906 - 9907) and the new codes that replaced them (0211 and 0210 respectively) will end. Therefore, starting from February 1, 2022, the Service Providers will have to proceed with the deregistration of the Peppol Participant IDs (9906 - 9907)

In order to avoid blocking the transmission of NSO orders due to any supplier master data of the ordering points not yet updated, we urge the Service Providers who have not yet proceeded to register as soon as possible the active participant IDs still certified with the schemes 9906 and 9907 with the new schemes 0211 and 0210, taking care, before proceeding with the deregistration of the old Participant IDs on the SMP / SML, to inform their customers of the update, urging them to communicate the new identifiers to the ordering points.