Scritto il 21 April 2023
Checking the presence on the SMPs of Participant IDs registered with the codes 9906 and 9907

As previously communicated ( news 31 January 2022: Expiration of codes 9907 (Tax Code) and 9906 (VAT number) ) the Peppol Participant IDs 9906 and 9907 have been deprecated and replaced by codes 0211 and 0210 respectively. It was also requested to proceed with the registration of the active Participant IDs still certified with the 9906 and 9907 schemes with the new 0211 and 0210 schemes and with the subsequent deregistration of the old Participant IDs on the SML/SMP.

As known in version 8.4 of the Peppol Code list, the codes 9906 and 9907 have been removed and therefore we ask you to verify that on your SMP all the registered Participant IDs with the old codes 9906 and 9907 have been eliminated and that the active Participant IDs are register exclusively with the new codes 0211 and 0210. In case of need for updating, we remind you that this is urgent and that it is necessary to inform customers.